Sundays: Rin Ran Street Market

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Since last October, in Finca Buenavista in Murcia, you will be able to enjoy, every Sunday the fun and shopping of the Rin Ran Street Market. Many entertainment activities will be set for children to enjoy and the rest of the family will be able to taste delicious meals made in the different food trucks. 

Colors, variety of clothes and all types of items for you to buy. An amazing environment that will help you spend an unforgettable day with the ones you love, with friends or by yourself. The good weather, even in winter, makes walking around the finca much pleasant. 

Its name has actually two meanings: Mercado Gastronómada is actually a pun. The word gastronómada is a mix, in Spanish, of Gastronomy and Nomad, the first word you sure know already and the second one refers to a wanderer or a member of a wandering tribe. It is a reduced way to explain what you can find in this unique weekly event. 

You can get through the exits 146 and 150 of the A-30 highway by car. You will arrive to an open space with a parking lot that costs just 2€, around 200 stalls installed in a space of more than 6.000 square meters. 

From 11am till 6pm you have time enough to grab a bite, take the kids outside and to find new flavors and many bargains. Don't miss the opportunity!
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