Altaona Golf 

Discover excellence in residential living at Altaona Golf & Country Village, a project that goes beyond the creation of homes, offering a unique lifestyle. Immerse yourself in an oasis of luxury and nature, where every detail has been carefully designed to provide an unparalleled experience.

Altaona Golf & Country Village - An Exceptional Retreat

In Altaona, the vision of a home extends beyond the walls of villas. Here, architectural elegance merges with natural serenity, creating an environment that not only welcomes but also elevates the quality of life. Explore the harmony between sophistication and natural beauty as you step into a retreat that redefines the meaning of contemporary living. Welcome to Altaona Golf & Country Village, where greatness is found in every corner, and everyday life transforms into an exceptional experience.

Exceptional Homes Integrated into the Altaona Environment

Altaona Golf & Country Village is an exciting residential project offering charming villas that blend seamlessly with the Altaona surroundings. These mostly south-facing residences provide exceptional views and come with their own swimming pool and central air conditioning system.

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Altaona Village, Strategic Location in Murcia

Altaona Golf & Country Village invites you to experience a lifestyle of unparalleled excellence. Nestled in the heart of Murcia, Altaona seamlessly integrates the sophistication of modern living with the tranquility of natural surroundings, creating a unique haven for residents.
The carefully chosen location takes advantage of the region's warm climate and characteristic blue skies. Just 12 minutes from the city center of Murcia, Altaona presents itself as a gem with its welcoming streets and charming squares.

The Origin of Altaona

The name "Altaona" is inspired by the surrounding mountains, one of which has the shape of a reclining lady, thus originating the term "Ala Dona," meaning tall lady.

Nature and Activities around Altaona Golf

Situated at the base of Carrascoy Natural Park and the Murcia mountains, Altaona Golf offers a stunning mountainous backdrop, featuring hiking trails and ideal terrain for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Amenities and Entertainment

Featuring an 18-hole golf course, diverse facilities such as a restaurant, bar, and golf shop are offered. Additionally, there are tennis and paddle courts for those not playing golf or for golfers who also enjoy other sports.

Parador Renovation and Commercial Development

The Parador, a 300-year-old Spanish farmhouse at the heart of Altaona, is undergoing renovation and is set to be completed by late 2025. This hub will be surrounded by restaurants and a commercial area, enhancing the community experience.

Altaona Village, a Variety of Luxury Residences Directly on the Golf Course

The Mosa-Altaona Golf villas seamlessly integrate with the landscape, capturing the essence of the environment through terraces and expansive windows. Live the Altaona experience, where luxury meets the allure of the golf course.