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Friday, February 17, 2017

El Valle is a natural area in the south of the city of Murcia. An open landscape ideal to have fun with the family or in groups of sport lovers. Cycling can be enjoyed with the great climate during winter, autumn and spring. The freedom of travelling with just two wheels is the best way of feeling free and close to nature. 

There are many different routes you can choose to take your bike love to: 

- The cultural route in El Valle, discovering places of historic and religious interest. 

- El puerto mountain range, sinuous and rough way that leads later to an easier trail. 

- Majal blanco route, in the southwest area of Murcia, where you can even have an eye on the magnificent view of the sea. 

- La cresta del Gallor and the Lunar landscape, many pinus and different birds species will follow you through this open route. 

You can find all of these properties located in the residential area of El Valle Golf Resort. Over there you will have the chance to mix a luxurious, comfortable and quiet way of life with the possibilities of practicing any outdoors sport in a really close distance. Keeping from a small distance there is also Mosa Trajectum, a golf resort located between the beaches of Costa Blanca and the University of Murcia. It has been claimed to be the first ecological golf course in Spain. 

El Valle y Carrascoy area is a Nature preserve, with more than 17.410 hectares, surrounded by el Valle del Segura and La Cuenca del Mar Menor. Its highest peaks are Carrascoy (1.065 m) and El Relojero (609 m). Keep your way through the signed paths and make the most of your time when in Murcia. 
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